Why Small Businesses Require Network Support

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From start-up businesses to multi-million organisations, businesses are on the constant lookout for ways to cut costs and maximise profitability. This is where hiring or outsourcing your network and IT needs to a network support company can help. Not only do these companies help small businesses streamline their IT processes and network operation, but to also save on network management costs. For more information, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why network support can be beneficial for your company’s IT strategy:

1.    Improved Compliance and Security

Has your company implemented PCI security standards? Do your employees follow these standards? Do you audit your servers, workstations, and software? Do you have a DMZ installed? Is your firewall and anti-virus up to date? As you can see, these are all crucial IT management tasks that are essential for the success of a business. Therefore, by gaining network support from a company that is familiar with PCI compliance standards, you can minimise safety risks associated with sensitive competitive information, credit card numbers, and client data via increased compliance and security.

2.    Levels the Playing Field

One of the main reasons small businesses require network support is it helps them compete with the leaders in the market. As many startups can’t afford to match the in-house support services larger companies splurge on, using network support is an even better option. Why? Because outsourcing to network support companies gives businesses access to a similar kind of technology other large companies enjoy, somewhat leveling the playing field.

3.    Quick Implementation of New Technologies

A quality network support company has the resources and technologies required to start new projects right away and ensure your network functions accurately and perfectly. Handling similar projects through in-house employees could take months or weeks to finish. This is mainly because businesses have to carefully select the right people and then train them. However, gaining network support eliminates these hassles and brings years of experience and state-of-the-art technologies to the table that help you save loads of time and money.

4.    Increases Efficiency and Competitiveness

Organisations with in-house IT departments have higher research, implementation and development time, all of which notably increase costs associated with IT and network maintenance. On the other hand, hiring a network support company eliminates these time-consuming processes, enabling your business to increase its efficiency and competitiveness, as your employees can focus on bolstering the business’ growth and delivering the results you expect. This, is turn, leads to better management and sales.

5.    Helps Control IT Costs

Training and hiring IT staff can be incredibly expensive, as most ‘temporary’ employees may not exactly live up to your expectations. However, outsourcing to a network support company converts these fixed costs into variable costs, enabling businesses to efficiently manage their budget, while letting you focus your resources where they are needed the most.

So, if you want to enjoy the above mentioned benefits, it’s time you invest in network support as well and streamline your IT operations and network functions.

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