Network IT Support Services: Key to Small Business Success

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Successful businesses run on a well-oiled IT network that is comprised of computers, routers, and servers. Depending on the technical specifications of IT equipment and software systems used, a business can perform daily tasks such as

  • procurement
  • accounting
  • communicating
  • marketing, and
  • research

much faster, empowering it to serve clients satisfactorily and enjoy a competitive edge in the marketplace.

A business IT network is the backbone for various workplace activities such as file sharing, printer sharing, Internet connection, and email communications.

Innovations in networks, network security and data storage evolve at a rapid pace, and our NetComp team is only too aware that it can be difficult for non-technical people to keep up with the changes. And we know that in failing to keep their systems up to date, businesses are prone to technical problems, including printing failures using a shared printer, intermittent or poor Wi-Fi internet connection, server crashes, viruses and malware attacks.

Employing a dedicated IT team or staff is not an option for many small to medium businesses. For these, being able to outsource network IT support services is a great option, and our network IT professionals troubleshoot and repair network issues with the least disruption of normal business activities.

When considering the type of IT support service your business might need, its worthwhile to understand the type of network you have, or want to have.

Understanding Wi-Fi networks

Electronic devices which emit radio signals can communicate with one another wirelessly by sending and receiving data through a specific radio frequency, either 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz. In the office, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and printers with Wi-Fi capability can constitute a network.

Wi-Fi network set ups are very popular with small businesses and home based businesses.

A Wi-Fi network is susceptible to technical issues such as intermittent or no Internet access that can lead to downtime, loss of sales and valuable data. Prompt attention to any service interruption is vital.

Traditional Cable Network

A cabled network connects your devices physically through, as the name would suggest, a cable or wire. Cabled networks have the benefit of not being impacted by poor signals – as long as the cable connection to the server/or router is maintained. While wireless speeds are catching up, cable connections for data sharing via a server remain most efficient.

Of course cable network IT solutions require more man hours for installation, and can create problems during office relocations and renovations, but for many big businesses the speed and reliability of cable is the main reason for its choice.

In most instances it is possible to run both Wi-Fi and cable at the same premises, and this combination is ideal if you have mobile staff or frequent visitors for whom you cannot offer a cable option.

Whichever type of network that you have, or are planning to have, having quality IT support services should factored into your budget.

Benefits of an outsourced network IT service

Cost savings: Advanced network IT systems empower small and medium sized businesses to compete with larger organisations, but keeping a full IT staff in-house is rarely cost effective for small businesses. Engaging the services of an expert and experienced IT support service such as Netcomp is like having a part-time IT department but without the huge overheads.

Expert advice: Our IT specialists have a wider range of experience in handling and resolving technical problems than an IT department within a company, and we can address network IT issues effectively and successfully.

If you the lack IT skills and don’t have in-house staff to manage IT emergencies, then you should consider enlisting the support of an experienced network IT service. The Netcomp professionals can perform on-site checks, troubleshoot, repair or restore your network.

We can also provide advice on the equipment and systems best suited to your needs and situation.

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