Managed IT Services for Architects & Engineers

Secure, efficient solutions tailored to Architects & Engineers industries by our expert team. Let us empower your designs.

Adaptable Solutions for Every Project

Cloud Solutions

Leverage the scalability and flexibility of secure cloud-based technologies for data storage, project collaboration, and disaster recovery. Share plans and models seamlessly with colleagues and clients, all while keeping your data safe.


Protect your business from evolving cyber threats with our multi-layered security protocols and ongoing monitoring. We prioritise data encryption, access controls, and regular security updates to keep your confidential projects and client information secure.

Data Backup & Recovery

Minimise downtime and ensure business continuity with secure data backups and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. We understand that meeting deadlines is crucial, and our IT solutions are built to minimise disruptions and data loss.

Helpdesk Support

Receive prompt and professional IT assistance whenever you need it. Our highly skilled technicians are available to troubleshoot any IT issues and ensure your team has the technology support they need to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional design and engineering services.

Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity

Don’t let IT slow you down.

We offer proactive IT maintenance to prevent problems before they arise and keep your systems running smoothly.

We can also optimise your design software for seamless workflows and provide user-friendly technology that empowers your team.

This allows your architects and engineers to focus on what they do best – creating exceptional designs and exceeding client expectations.

Compliance and Security

Architects and engineers are required to adhere to strict industry regulations and data security standards.

Our IT solutions are designed to meet these requirements and ensure your firm stays compliant.

Deep Industry Expertise

Unlike generic IT providers, we understand the unique challenges faced by Architects and Engineers in Australia.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to tailor IT solutions that meet your specific needs, from specialist software support to industry-specific security protocols.


Our IT solutions include industry-leading security features like data encryption, access controls, and regular system monitoring to safeguard your confidential designs, project data, and client information.

Yes, we have a team of experienced technicians who can provide support for a variety of industry-specific software programs commonly used by Architects and Engineers.

Cloud-based solutions offer increased flexibility, scalability, and accessibility for your team.

Collaborate on projects in real-time, share large files easily, and access project data from anywhere with an internet connection.

We offer proactive maintenance to prevent IT disruptions and ensure your systems run smoothly.

We can also help optimise your design software and workflows, allowing your team to focus on billable hours and delivering high-quality design work.

Yes, outsourcing your IT support to a reliable provider like Netcomp can free up your valuable in-house resources and allow your team to focus on core business functions.

We provide the expertise and ongoing support you need to keep your technology running smoothly and securely.

Managed IT Services for Architects & Engineers

Minimise Downtime, Maximise Profits