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What is a business internet?

Business internet refers to high-speed internet services specifically designed to meet the demands of businesses.

It’s the dedicated connection that allows you to upload, download, and share large files, run critical applications, and collaborate with your team online – all at lightning speeds.

Unlike home internet, business internet offers increased reliability, security features, and dedicated support to ensure your operations aren’t slowed down by buffering or outages.

What internet solutions are the best for business?

Brisbane offers a range of internet options. We help you pick the perfect fit for speed, budget & location, like:

Fibre: Blazing speed for data-heavy tasks.

NBN: Reliable & affordable for many businesses.

Fixed Wireless: Great for limited access areas.

Satellite: Connectivity for remote locations.

Choosing the Right Business Internet

Factors to Consider:

  • Speed: How much data do you transfer daily? Do you use video calls? Fibre reigns supreme for speed, while NBN offers good options.
  • Reliability: Can you afford downtime? Fibre and fixed wireless are known for stability. Consider your needs.
  • Budget: There are options for every wallet. NBN is often cost-effective, while Fibre delivers top-tier performance.
  • Location: Not all areas have equal access. We can help you find the best options available in your area.

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  • We find the perfect fit: Fibre, NBN, Fixed Wireless, or Satellite.
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What Type of Business Internet Connection Choose?

Wired Connections: The Backbone of Your Business

  • Fibre Optic: Blazing-fast speeds for data-heavy tasks & real-time applications (video conferencing, cloud services). May not be available everywhere and can be pricier.
  • NBN ((National Broadband Network): Versatile & reliable with varying speeds depending on technology used (FTTP best). Often cost-effective for many businesses.
  • Cable Internet: Familiar option with good speeds, but not as fast as Fibre. Suitable for moderate internet usage needs.

Flexibility on the Go

  • Fixed Wireless: Reliable Wi-Fi range, ideal for areas with limited cable/Fibre access. Good speeds, but not the fastest. Great for flexibility and moderate internet needs.
  • Satellite Internet: Rural lifesaver! Offers internet in remote locations but has latency issues (delay) not ideal for real-time applications.
  • Mobile Broadband: Convenient for on-the-go tasks. Speeds vary by location and network congestion. Not ideal for heavy usage, but good for occasional business needs.

Additional Options: Consider Your Specific Needs

  • Dial-up: Remember the screeching modem sounds? Dial-up uses phone lines and offers very slow speeds. It’s rarely used anymore due to its limitations.
  • Leased Line: Imagine a dedicated internet highway for your business. Leased lines offer a high-bandwidth, private internet connection with guaranteed uptime. This is ideal for businesses with critical online operations and large data transfer needs but comes at a premium cost.


There’s no single “best” provider – it depends on your business needs! Here’s what to consider:

  • Location: Not all providers offer service in every area. Check with local providers in Brisbane. Here are some popular options:
    • Telstra
    • Optus
    • TPG
    • Aussie Broadband
    • Superloop
  • Speed & Reliability: How much data do you transfer daily? Do you use video calls? Fibre optic offers the fastest speeds, while NBN provides a range of plans. Consider your needs and choose a reliable connection (minimal downtime).
  • Budget: Business internet options range in cost. NBN plans can be cost-effective, while Fibre optic delivers top-tier performance but might be more expensive. We can help you find the perfect balance!

NBN plans for businesses vary depending on the technology used (FTTP – best speeds, FTTN – good, etc.) and the plan’s inclusions (data allowance, download/upload speeds). Generally, business NBN plans can range from around:

  • $50 – $100 per month: For basic plans with moderate data allowances and download speeds.
  • $100 – $200 per month: For plans with higher data allowances and faster download/upload speeds suitable for many businesses.
  • $200+ per month: Premium plans with top-tier speeds and large data allowances.

The best internet type depends on your specific needs:

  • Fibre Optic: Ideal for businesses that transfer massive files, use real-time applications (like video conferencing), or rely heavily on cloud services. It offers unmatched speed and stability. (Price range: Typically, more expensive than NBN)
  • NBN (National Broadband Network): A reliable and often affordable option for many businesses. NBN utilises various technologies to deliver internet access, with varying speeds depending on the specific type used (FTTP – best, FTTN – good, etc.).
  • Fixed Wireless: A good choice for areas with limited access to Fibre or cable. It offers a reliable, wireless connection with decent speeds, suitable for businesses that don’t require top-tier speeds. (Price range: Can be like NBN plans depending on the provider and plan)
  • Satellite Internet: While not the fastest option, satellite internet provides connectivity in remote locations where other options might be unavailable. (Price range: Can be more expensive than fixed wireless or NBN)

The “best” NBN plan depends on your specific business needs. However, we can help you navigate the options! Here’s what to consider:

  • Download & Upload Speeds: How much data do you upload and download daily? Businesses with heavy usage will need higher speeds (e.g., 100 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload).
  • Data Allowance: Do you have a data cap? Choose a plan that accommodates your business’s typical data usage. (e.g., unlimited data or a large data allowance)
  • Contract Length: Consider your needs and budget. Some plans offer flexibility with shorter contracts (e.g., 12 months), while others might offer better rates with longer commitments (e.g., 24 months).

The NBN is Australia’s national infrastructure project that delivers internet access to homes and businesses.

It doesn’t directly provide internet services, but creates the infrastructure for various internet service providers (ISPs) like Telstra, Optus, TPG, etc. to offer different types of internet access options (Fibre Optic, FTTN, etc.) through the NBN network.

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