Why Should Businesses Opt for VPS Hosting?

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Running an internet business or an e-commerce store requires a reliable web server and ISP. However, some of the costs involved in maintaining and building a server cluster can sometimes be too much for startups. Luckily, there is another server solution available that is popularly known as Virtual Private Server or VPS. With this type of hosting service, each account has its own Operating system with a private environment, hence separating it from the other users. This server acts like a ‘bridge’ between shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. For more information, let’s take a look at five reasons why businesses should opt for VPS hosting:

1.    Cost-Effective Option as Compared to Dedicated Servers

When compared to dedicated server hosting services, VPS hosting proves cost-effective. It allows businesses to utilise all resources that match to a dedicated server, enabling owners to take advantage of the utmost convenience and maximum performance at reasonable prices. Subsequently, VPS hosting proves an affordable option for small to medium sized businesses that require many resources but face financial constraints.

2.    Gives Users Far Greater Control than Shared Hosting

One of the main reasons why VPS hosting is a better option than dedicated and shared hosting services is that it offers complete root access and control to users. This means, business owners can configure the operation systems as they wish, install any preferred software, firewall, or anti-virus, or in simple words, do anything they wish to configure and manage their server (minus the restrictions). In fact, you also have the added benefit of tweaking the server to enhance overall performance. Not to mention, users can also install custom apps and scripts to run on their sites.

3.    Guarantees Better and More Reliable Performance

In a shared hosting plan, users are required to share available resources on a single server. This leads to limited hosting performance and greater risk of network disruption. However, VPS hosting offers guaranteed server resources for individual operating systems, hence offering superior performance. All the hosted sites are powered with adequate CPU, RAM, and disk space to meet enterprise needs. For additional performance, server resources can be upgraded, further boosting hosting performance.

4.    Provides Better Flexibility and Scalability

As mentioned earlier, VPS hosting provides guaranteed resources for every website. This means, every hosting plan has storage, data transfer, RAM, IP, CPU, and other server resources. Not only does this allow business owners to take advantage of better flexibility and scalability, but also reduces the risk of a site being affected by other sites sharing the server. This means users will hardly ever face any downtime and can continue working even if one system shuts down.

5.    Offers Better Reliability and Security

Last, but not the least, VPS hosting is much safer than shared server hosting, as you can easily install custom and strict firewalls. You can configure settings to filter traffic, hence preventing your site from neighbor hacks or attacks.

As you can see, VPS hosting proves a better option as compared to dedicated and server hosting. So, if you want your site to benefit from increased performance, it’s time you opt for VPS hosting services.

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