pc-support-brisbaneNever before have computer systems been so crucial for the operation of a businesses or the work of an individual. As a result, to ensure reliable and efficient performance, routine maintenance is recommended, regardless if there is nothing visibly wrong with your computer. Not only can preventive and routine maintenance help you achieve the best performance of your machine, but it can also help fix serious problems that can perhaps lead to the breaking down of your computer.

This is one of the main reasons why Netcomp Solutions is now offering 100% Preventive Maintenance to consumers all around Australia. This way, you can extend the life of your personal system as well as business computers. Additionally, you can also help computers plagued with issues to be immediately fixed and cleaned from all viruses, Trojans, and malware from your computer, hence improving overall performance. So, what is 100% Preventive Maintenance? Take a look below to find out:

100% Preventive Maintenance

Our 100% Preventive Maintenance is a program that provides consumers all the required technical support they need in ONE package. Subsequently, it doesn’t matter whether you have to troubleshoot something that’s broken, update your virus protection software, or fix Microsoft Office to continue your work, we will cover the maintenance of your operating system and software!

This means if your computer works perfectly fine but suddenly stops working, all you have to do is CALL US and we will fix it for no extra charges. As a result, if it breaks down 100 times, we will fix it 100 times. That’s our deal and guarantee to all our consumers! However, this doesn’t mean we won’t perform quality work. Our main aim is for everything to work 100% perfectly¸ so we never have to fix it again!

However, in circumstances your computer starts giving trouble again, you can always utilise our 100% Preventive Maintenance to have it repaired for no additional costs. Conversely, other support companies only offer maintenance once and charge extra for having it repaired again. Additionally, they only make money when your computer breaks down, so they can stay in business.

But this isn’t the case with our 100% Preventive Maintenance program, as our success means your systems should always be UP and running. And if, by any chance, your computer does stop working or continues to give troubles, you can always call us and have it fixed right away!

What’s Covered and What’s Not?

Is this an “all you can eat” tech support? Well, obviously not and there are a few limitations to our program. In general, the main aim of this service is to keep your systems up and running 100% of the time in perfect condition. Therefore, we perform whatever tasks we need to in order to cover the maintenance of your computer. However, there are certain things that aren’t covered. These include Changes, Moves, and Additions. Moreover, exchange of hardware is not covered, unless of course you have bought a particular product from OUR COMPANY and it still has a little warranty left. For instance:

  • If your hard drive crashes all of a sudden, but you purchased the hardware for somewhere else and it is no longer covered, the work performed will be billable.
  • If your hard drive crashes and you purchased the computer from us (still under warranty), we can cover anything related to replacing the hard drive and reloading the computer.
  • If you need to install a new software or tool package, that’s an “Add, Move, Change”, which means it will be billable.
  • If you experience issues or problems after we have installed the software, we will cover it for no extra charges.

Apart from this, you can call us for anything and have whatever maintenance tasks that need to be performed conducted right away. So, if you want to save money and keep your computers UP and running always, 100% Preventive Maintenance is the best option. Our hardware is also not expensive, but we always ensure to sell business-class, high-quality equipment.

Therefore, don’t fall for the cheap junk you find online and have your hardware replaced with something that’s designed to last you more than 3 or 4 years with zero problems. This is mainly because the technical specs may always seem similar, but the insides are built differently.


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