Tips to Create Interesting and Unique Content

With Google becoming more intelligent every year, the importance of unique and interesting content has increased significantly. A few months back Google even rolled out new updates for the Penguin and Panda algorithms, sending tremors throughout the Internet. And, businesses that had been depending on plagiarised content were sent into a whirl and subsequently, everyone began focusing on creating unique content. Therefore, this proved that the phrase “Content is King” is indeed true, and perhaps creating unique content is the only way, you can boost web traffic and promote your business online.

Are you facing trouble creating interesting and quality content? If so, then these content creating tips might just prove to be useful:

Analyse the Content from Other Blogs

The single-worst thing you can do to your blog is deliberately steal content from other websites. Instead of doing that, try analysing the type of content other blogs are putting up and think of ways how you can do the same by replicating some of their practices. Stealing information is just plain awful, but scouting your competitors for ideas is never a bad idea. Who knows you might actually come up with something interesting that might attract a huge audience?

Share Personal Experiences in Blogs

You certainly can’t expect people to read your articles, if they think a ‘robot’ is giving them advice. Therefore, whenever creating unique content consider sharing a personal experience regarding the topic at hand. This way, you can really galvanise your readership’s commitment and attract more viewers to read your content. Keep in mind that people always appreciate short, funny personal experiences and stories even in the most serious type of articles.

Inject Your Personality in Blogs

When it comes to creating an online presence, nothing can work wonders than building a reputation. Therefore, while creating content make sure to always inject your own personality into the conversation. Believe it or not, your target audience wants to know more about you. Therefore, by injecting your personality, sharing your experiences, opinions, and ideas you can really add some spice in your blogs, thus differentiating yourself from others in the field.

Don’t Stay Limited to Text-Based Posts

Let’s face it, with the endless amounts of text-based posts online; viewers can get bored of reading the same thing again and again. Therefore, spruce things up a bit, by looking at other ways of posting content online. For example, you can consider including images, GIF’s, videos, or short voice messages and songs along with your text. If not that, you can consider sharing information through info-graphics, tutorials, definitive guides, live blogging, Q&A’s, opinion pieces, and white papers.

Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm

Last, but not the least, use brainstorming as your ultimate strategy to generating new ideas and creating unique content just for blogging purposes and even for promoting your products/services. Brainstorming can really prove useful in generating content that ranks well on Google and gets tons of visitors. However, do make sure whatever content you think about writing suits your target niche and are specific to your business or brand.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, creating interesting and unique content for your blog or business won’t be a problem.