Top 5 Information Technology Predictions for 2016

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The start of 2016 will give rise to a whole new era of Information Technology (IT) that will exceed what we perceive and believe. New technologies will come into being and updated protocols will be implemented for the efficient and effective utilisation of IT in large businesses, organisations and enterprises. NASSCOM has also recently predicted almost 50% of IT jobs will be lost due to automation. For more information, take a look at these 5 IT predictions below that will give you an amusing view of our digital future where machines will play an important role in business environments and in our lives:

1.    BYOD Will Find Balance

Enterprise adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), also known as Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), will increase with inception of new “organisation ready” services and devices. As a result, mobile management and utilisation in enterprise environments will increase significantly, hence from a data centre perceptive, creating a huge increase of traffic within organisations. Applications and software will now also be decomposed into functional and handy services to allow users to intercommunicate with each other or integrate with other devices.

2.    SDDC Will Get Real

The software-defined data centre, or SDDC, will become standard as virtualisation of networks, computing, and storage all become part of the corporate IT strategy and protocols for startups. This means, where historically computing was conducted on physical servers, now in recent times virtualisation will be used. In general, for an SDDC to function and exist, all the main components of an organisation’s IT infrastructure (network, computing and storage) will be software or application-defined (in other words, completely virtualised). For the next year, we see a broader implementation of SDDC-based approached in business environments.

3.    Analytics and Business Intelligence

In 2016, organisations will be forced to define appropriate key performance indicators and use them in business management for efficient and effective utilisation of IT analytics and organisational intelligence. In the coming year, businesses will have to publicise their efforts in quantifiable terms to attract employees and become part of a more involved and specialised IT industry to control their own technologies.

4.    100-Gigabit Switches Will Be Born

With the demand of high-speed internet increasing day by day, it is not unexpected to see 100-Gigabit switches being created to meet evolving industry demands. It is amazing to see how advanced IT has become over the past few years. Previously, the networking industry was only focused on creating switches that delivered 1 gigabit max speed, but now the 100 gigabit switch will take IT to a whole new level by offering at least 32 ports in a single 1U chassis.

5.    IoT Will Get Practical

Moving from concept to reality within a few years, Internet of Things (IoT) will get practical and standard in all business environments. This means organisations will have a more connected environment, hence potentially ushering an age of ‘predictive living’ that can easily allow businesses to identify serious issues and solve them before they occur.

So, which one of the above IT predictions do you find the most interesting?

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