Common Server Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

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The server plays an essential role in the proper functioning of a business’ network and IT. It is a device which ensures all computers are working in compliance with IT rules and regulations. Any issue or problem with the server could cause the entire network to stop functioning. Therefore, not only does this halt imperative business operations, but it also makes the network vulnerable to obvious threats. So, from excessive auditing, not using group policy, to password issues, here are a few blunders you must avoid while performing server maintenance:

Using Default Passwords

One of the main tasks of your IT staff is to use secure passwords on the server and change them regularly. However, despite this, many businesses end up using default passwords, risking their business data. How? Well, any unauthorised person could enter the correct password and gain access to vital business information or client details. Not only does this raise vital security concerns, but also leaves your server and network compromised. To prevent unauthorised users from stealing data, always use secure and unique passwords.

Not Checking All Services on a Host

Most server failures have the potential of taking the whole box down! Therefore, if IT professionals don’t monitor each service on the host server, it could end up harming the security of your data. Additionally, any user using the internet could possibly access unsecure websites, hence increasing the risk of different types of viruses attacking the network. Therefore, always check the services on a host server’s network access points. Also use a range of security tools, including intrusion detection software, anti-virus, and firewalls, to ensure your system is protected against most, if not all, potential threats.

Performing All Tasks Yourself

Maintaining the server and managing the entire network of a business isn’t one man’s job. It requires a professional IT department to make sure all safety protocols is being met and all maintenance and management tasks are being performed. These departments install appropriate security software, hence ensuring the protection of vital business data. If you are a startup, consider hiring an IT consultant to gain professional advice. It’s worth the cost!

Plug and Surf

Another big mistake many businesses make while performing server maintenance is forgetting about checking the computers connected to a network. Keep in mind computers aren’t designed with a plug and surf feature. Before performing any task, IT professionals must install accurate software and have the computer and network figured to function ideally with the server. This means you need to install programs to prevent malicious software installation, multiple spyware and malware scanners, and virus protection software.

Last, but not the least, proper server maintenance requires teamwork and you also have to train your employees to implement and follow proper network rules and regulations. Therefore, when managing your server and network, always update your employees regarding new rules. This way, you can ensure the successful operation of your business and also enable employees to avoid visiting suspicious websites or downloading any content which could bring a virus into your network.

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