Common Misconceptions about IT Maintenance

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In the age of modern and ever-changing technology, it can get difficult for businesses to manage their networks and streamline business operations. Every single network-related device has to be monitored and maintained to maximise efficiently and handle operations more efficiently. However, many owners ignore the most important components of their IT infrastructure by believing in common misconceptions about IT maintenance. To ensure you don’t fall into the trap of the same IT problems, avoid believing these four common misconceptions about IT maintenance:

Misconception No.1 – My IT, server and workstations don’t require regular maintenance and monitoring

This is one of the most costly and biggest misconceptions business owners have. They believe their workstations, server, IT systems, and other network-related devices don’t require regular maintenance and monitoring as they are fortunate enough to never experience a major problem, similar to how someone thinks seat belt aren’t important just because they have never been in an accident. Well, the sooner you realise that computer networks are dynamic and complex systems the better. Keep in mind your IT infrastructure does need regular maintenance and updates to run efficiently and without any glitches. Important IT maintenance tasks include:

  • Optimising systems for maximum speed
  • Monitoring hardware for signs of failure
  • Monitoring disk space on workstations and servers
  • Spyware removal and detection
  • Spam filter updates and installation
  • Test restores and Backup monitoring
  • Firewall monitoring and updates
  • Antivirus monitoring and update

Misconception No.2 – My office managers/employees know everything about IT and can take care of all maintenance and monitoring tasks

If we go back a few years, handling IT related issues and problems wasn’t such a difficult task and could simply be performed by anyone who had knowledge about computers and networking. However, times are different now and IT is more complex and complicated than ever, due to the advent of new security threats. Therefore, don’t fall for the misconception that your employees can handle all IT maintenance tasks, as they could cause more problems. Instead, work on creating your own in-house IT department or hire an IT support company to outsource all maintenance and monitoring tasks. (Tip: Don’t go for a cheaper option and hire someone with years of experience in the field).

Misconception No.3 – An honest IT Support or Maintenance Company should be able to give you a quote over the phone

This is another common misconception business owners have regarding IT maintenance and hiring a support company! Keep in mind IT support companies don’t have superpowers to diagnose your entire network over a phone call and then give you a reasonable quote. Just like a good doctor, a professional company will take their time in diagnosing your entire network, assessing the overall costs, and then giving you a price quote. In fact, you must avoid companies that give low price quotes over the phone. They simply lure you with lower prices to get hired and then subsequently increase prices by selling you add-ons and up-sells. The trick here is to meet in person and never take a quote over the phone!

So, if you want to take your business to the next level and ensure all operations run smoothly and efficiently, avoid believing in these common IT maintenance misconceptions.

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