Colocation: Rent Space, Boost IT Power

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With the growth of cloud technology, companies have more option than ever when it comes to taking care of their Information Technology (IT) needs. Colocation is one of these options that enable organisations to outsource their computing needs and growth exponentially.

In general, a colocation centre is a kind of data centre, where numerous customers connect to a storage equipment facility, server, and network that is linked to various networks for providing the rack, pipe, ping, and power needed by organisations. This type of centre is also manned by a team of experienced IT professionals and offers numerous benefits. These include:

24/7 Support and Monitoring

Companies that offer colocation centres to businesses often provide deep government compliant security and expertise via 24/7 data support and monitoring of your company’s crucial IT needs and data management. The best services house client data in extremely secure and fully redundant Tier 3 data centres that provide huge cost savings compared to on-site 24/7 IT staff. Additionally, colocation centres also offer an array of services and plans for all types of businesses that include storage, private cloud, managed services, business solutions, and data backup and recovery.

Major Cost Savings

Colocation centres not only save companies a significant amount of money and time, but they also turn unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses. This means, you receive plans that deliver the cost predictability required to grow. Not to mention, since you don’t pay for a whole datacentre and only for your own equipment, you can receive major cost savings. Subsequently, your business will better be able to efficiently allocate budget for your existing resources or IT needs.

Maximum Stability

In your business suffers from a natural disaster or power outage that requires you to move offices, you don’t have to worry about your services or data going down. A colocation centre provider will efficiently allow your company to grow and scale in different ways, as they have multiple backup contingencies and generators in place to ensure organisations never receive interrupted service. This ensures that your business’s services and data are fully accessible and secure at all times, for you and your customers.

Enhanced Security

Colocation centre providers utilise advanced physical security systems, like on-site security, biometric scanners, alarm systems, closed-circuit cameras, and more to ensure the security of your servers, data and network. This means, colocation services have the built-in features required to alleviate the cost of hiring expensive security staff or overhead burden of installing advanced security systems. With colocation by your side, you don’t have to purchase or hire any of these security measures, hence instantly assuring cost savings and success for small businesses.

Better Connectivity

Colocation centre providers keep your servers in data centres that are climate-controlled. Subsequently, they are optimised for excellent redundancy for network connections and high bandwidth speeds to efficiently perform internet-related tasks. This allows you to take advantage of better connectivity across your business, minus the huge time and cost associated to building and maintaining your own IT infrastructure.

So, if you want to receive the abovementioned benefits as well, then perhaps it’s time you use a colocation centre for your business too.

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