Managed services vs Break-fix services

Getting IT simple

There are IT system managing services provided to organizations and companies which scales from small to large. The breakdowns of the IT systems will vary according to the number of systems a company has and how massive the breakdown is.

Managed services

Managed services can be used by a large organization that constantly runs into malicious problems and it’s cost effective. Moreover, it’s best to use managed IT services because it helps organizations to minimize daily problems and make your IT systems efficient. Managed IT services are proactive, strategic and provides complete access to the IT department. 

The reasons the managed services are important are listed below:

  • The breakdowns will be minimal and it’s on par with the company so managed IT services are always on sight if a breakdown takes place.
  • Everything related to IT will be handled by the managed services which leaves room the company to focus on its brand.
  • Instead of regular breakdowns, managed services will foresee a breakdown before it takes place and maintain it which is reliable.
  • Will help the company with future planning when it comes to the IT sector of the company and be a dependable guidance.
  • Can be dependent on managed services from 0-10 when it’s related to IT matters in the company.

Break-fix services

On the other hand, break fix IT services can be considered if the organization runs into small problems and runs on a small scale which will save lot of money. Break fix IT services doesn’t provide a daily insurance similar to Managed IT services, however, it fixes the problems and the payment depends on the problem. The main difference between managed services and break fix services is the long-term insurance and short-term insurance respectively.

Break-fix services will help companies with:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Recovering data
  • Upgrading and building systems
  • Installing hardware and software
  • Setting up network
  • Removing viruses and other malicious activities

It is ideal to have a IT support system to run a smooth company because breakdowns happening in IT systems is normal and bound to happen, however, taking precautions is important which will be cost effective in the long run as well.