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    • 1. We offer complimentary Cyber Security Workshops

    • 2. Implemented Tools and Procedures to stay on top of your IT

    • 3. Cost Effective, with our Fixed Fee plans there are no unexpected bills
    A single security breach can cost thousands!
    Learn how to better your business with our Complimentary Cyber Security Workshops.
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    Our focus is to help your company build and maintain the best cost-effective IT infrastructure to suit your business needs. We offer prompt IT support services for small businesses including, Managed Services (MSP), App Development, Cloud Solutions so you can focus on what you do best, running your business. We make IT simple.

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    Casual Care

    • Pay As You Go IT Support
    • Server/PC security updates
    • Backup monitoring


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    Unlimited Onsite Care

    • Unlimited Onsite | Remote Support
    • IT Monitoring / Remediation
    • Cyber Security Training
    • Data Backup management
    • Amazon AWS/Microsoft 365 management
    • WordPress management
    • Web-hosting included


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    Unlimited Remote Care

    • Unlimited Phone Support
    • IT Monitoring / Remediation
    • Server/PC security updates
    • Data Backup management
    • Microsoft 365 management
    • WordPress management


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    How to remove malware from you Windows PC

    One of the signs of malware infection is that your PC starts to slow down. Even if you have the best antivirus software, your computer might still be vulnerable to malware and virus. The best measure is to remove the malware from your windows PC. We will give a step-by-step guide on how to safely […]

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    How to disable Cortana

    Cortana is a personal assistant in Windows 10 but she demands a lot of your personal information in order to be helpful. If you really want privacy on your computer, you should consider disabling Cortana. Turning off Cortana was as simple as flipping a switch in the settings. However, Microsoft decided to remove the option […]

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    How to create a Windows 10 recovery USB drive

    Windows 10 recovery CD/USB can be a lifesaver when your PC fails to boot or anything happens to the operating system. Back in the days, we often used a CD for windows recovery. However, nowadays, USB drive is more popular as some PCs do not necessarily have a CD drive. And we are going to […]

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    How to customise multi-finger touchpad gestures

    Precision Touchpad has finally been added to Windows 10 from the latest Creators Update. Just like Macbook, you can use one, two and three finger gestures to navigate apps, switch desktops and perform various clicks. You can configure these settings on your Windows 10 device. However, you need to have a touchpad in order to […]

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    How to protect your privacy Windows 10

    Windows 10 gathers a lot of your personal data for many additional features that will make your life easier.  However, is the trade-off really worth it? If you lean more toward privacy, we will guide you on how to turn those features off. Turn off advertising If you don’t want to see a personalisation advertisement […]

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