How to speed up your Windows 10 PC

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There are many ways to speed up your PC. You can upgrade to a SSD or a more powerful CPU or add more RAM. They all cost money. We are going to give you some tips that can increase your PC speed and you don’t need to spend a single cent on it.

1. Go opaque

If you ever noticed that your Windows 10’s Start menu transparent. That actually cost some of your computer resources. You can disable transparency in Start menu to free up those resources. To do that, go to Settings -> Personalisation-> Colours and toggle off Make start, taskbar, and action centre transparent.

2. Disable Startup programs

If you are spending a long time to boot your PC, maybe you
have too many Startup programs. Disable unnecessary Startup programs will
increase you boot speed significantly. You just need to right click on the
Start button and click Task Manager. Select Startup option and then disable the
programs that you don’t want to open every time when you boot your PC.

  1. 3. Turn on high performance mode

If you want to boost your PC speed, sometimes it’s a trade-off. You can turn on high performance mode to speed up your PC, however, it will have a higher energy consumption. If you are using a laptop, it will even shorten the battery life. However, you can use this method if you are really after a faster performance. Go to settings and select Power and sleep option -> Additional power settings. Then select High performance option.

  1. 4. Reset Visual effects

Lower the visual effects will sacrifice the screen quality, however it will speed up the PC. Right click on Start and select System. Click Advanced system settings to open the System Properties menu. If you can’t find Advanced system settings you can find it by using the search bar. In the system properties window, go to the Advanced option and select performance settings. Then choose the Adjust for best performance option under Visual effects tab.

  1. 5. Turn off search indexing

When you search a file from in your documents library, the
results usually appear immediately. That’s because of the search indexing
feature. However, the indexing is eating a lot of your memory. You can turn off
the indexing by:

  • Right click on your C drive and select
  • Uncheck the Allow files on this drive to have
    contents indexed in addition to file properties.
  • In the resulting warning box, select Apply
    changes to drive c, subfolders and files.

  1. 6. Turn off Windows tips

Tips given by Windows 10 on how to better use your PC will also slow down your computer. You need to turn it off to have a faster speed. Go to Settings -> System, then select Notifications & actions from the left menu. Turn off Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows.

  1. 7. Malware scan

Sometimes it might be a malware infection that
causes your PC slows down.  Use a
antivirus software to do a virus scan and remove malware from your PC.

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