Google page speed insights

As you’re aware, websites can be a greatly beneficial source of leads and income for your business if leveraged correctly. The most common way in which people find websites is through search engines like google, but as you would have noticed, getting to the front page and outshining your competition isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Because there are so many websites on the internet, Google and the other major search engines need to know which ones are the best so that they can serve these premium pages to users first. Naturally, the definition of “best” isn’t black and white, but thankfully Google has released multiple criteria which determine the quality of a website. One such test is Google’s Page Speed Insight score.

Essentially, Page Speed Insights tests your website to make sure that best practices are being followed and that everything is efficient and optimal for the user’s viewing experience. Having a high score can greatly help you when it comes to ranking your site. Unfortunately, many sites – especially sites running pre-made themes – tend to tank in the performance department due to things which might seem minor, but Google takes quite seriously.


Have a go at running the test on your own site:


If you score below 90/100, your site could be getting penalised and you might not even know it. Luckily, Netcomp has extensive experience when it comes to optimising websites, including Page Speed Insight optimisations. If you would like us to take a look at your site, see what improvements can be made, and provide you with a no-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch!