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IT management software works by monitoring a set of computers over a network, while managing network elements such as WAN links, business applications, and mail servers. It can also be programmed to monitor and manage your complete LAN infrastructure in order to ensure all networks and systems are working efficiently.

Who Uses IT Management Software?

Businesses, both big and small, benefit immensely from the use of IT management software. As a matter of fact, any company that has computers in their offices that require round the clock monitoring and management, can successfully enhance business performance and efficiency a great deal by using IT management software.

Types of IT Management Software

  • Device Monitoring – This type of software records the activities of servers and devices that are functioning in the network.
  • Security Monitoring – This software provides a set of tools to audit and protect all kinds of threats to your network.
  • Application Monitoring – It monitors the performance and behaviour of different applications by focusing on specific databases or email systems.
  • Enterprise Management – Designed for small business and commercial use, it provides system management as well as integrated network management. Not only this, it also provides added functions like application and database management,
  • Network and System Monitoring – This software offers tools for enhanced commercial network monitoring and system monitoring. It is commonly used network operation centres to effectively manage networks and servers.
  • Network Traffic Analysis and Performance Monitoring – It oversees the flow of traffic between and through critical network devices and statistics utilisation by monitoring the performance of network traffic.

Benefits of Using IT Management Software

Now that we have all that out of the way, let us take a look at the top benefits of using IT management software.

  • Secure Network – The most obvious benefit of using IT management software is that your business leverages a secure network that meets all compliance guidelines. Therefore, your IT department or network operators no longer need to worry about customers and SLAs. This software also helps maintain compliance by providing numerous features that keep close tabs on the network.
  • Centralised Data Access – Another major benefit of using IT management software is that it allows centralised data access. This type of access makes it incredibly easy and convenient for users to find information when it is needed. So, what else could you ask for?
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Oftentimes even the best security protocols cannot efficiently protect data and this often leads to data loss. However, since IT management software also comes with a backup and disaster recovery feature, you can easily obtain data even after a major problem occurs or the system goes off-line.
  • Effective Network Management – Real-time maps of network topologies, port association for VLANs, and continuous monitoring and secure channels can all help in keeping your network on a straight path. IT management software also enables efficient change management, so that users can establish solid baselines for performance.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using IT management software. Therefore, if you want to receive these benefits mentioned above, then perhaps it’s time you purchase a good IT management software as well.

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