Tips on Improving IT Security

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The implementation of Information Technology (IT) to daily human activities has made an incredibly positive impact on all spheres of life. It is because of this reason that IT is not only being utilised by businesses, but also many other areas including communication, work, leisure, education and health. However, sometimes the IT of your business can give security issues. This is what makes it imperative to utilise the best security features to ensure your data stays protected 24/7. So, follow these useful tips on how to improve IT security.

Upgrade Your Operating System

Let’s face it: when it comes to security, Windows XP is completely useless. From a security standpoint, even the latest upgrades for the XP operating system cannot improve IT security. This is mainly because the operating system is outdated (over a decade old). Therefore, a move to the latest Windows 7 or 8.1 on the PC’s of your business is long overdue. However, when upgrading to Windows 7 or 8.1, make sure to opt for 64-bit, as this version is harder for the bad guys to compromise.

Start with the Basic Security Features

Virus protection, encrypted pages, and password security for documents, email, and network sites are the basic security features of every computer in a business. Therefore, if you don’t have them implemented, make sure to apply them immediately. While doing so, read about the current attacks and apply the latest security software patches and updates regularly to stay ahead of hackers or potential internal and external threats like viruses and Trojans, etc.

Implement the Use of Standard User Accounts

The first account you step up on a Windows PC by default gains all administrator rights (even if the account is not necessarily named ‘Administrator’. Therefore, many people frequently use this administrator account for their daily computer activities like checking Facebook, Hotmail and Twitter, which leaves them vulnerable to a myriad of threats. To prevent this from happening, be sure to implement the use of standard user accounts on all the computers in your office.

Monitor the Scheduled Security Tasks in Place

Once you have implemented the basic security features and installed the latest updates and security patches, you can still be a victim of attacks. This is what makes it imperative to invest in the latest IT monitoring software to review all details daily. Therefore, be sure that the IT department of your company is monitoring your IT network constantly to prevent attacks or minimise issues before they cause great damage to your business. Monitoring IT networks can also help find loopholes in your system and find solutions to close them up.

Get the IT Security Procedures in Writing

People can naturally become complacent, even if they understand all security procedures in place. Therefore, be sure to put all your network security policies, rules, and regulations in writing, so that every employee follows it. This will ensure your IT network stays safe at all times and will also allow you to make changes when needed. As a side benefit, potential customers or clients will know that you are serious about security matters, including their confidential data too.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, improving IT security won’t be a problem.

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