Small Business Server Selection Tips

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Small businesses need the right IT solutions, equipment and systems to improve productivity and worker efficiency, to help strengthen client and partner relationships and to reduce overall business costs.

While many business owners recognise the importance of investing in IT for growth and profitability, the perceived costs and complexity associated with implementing solutions such as investing in small business server can be a deterrent. However, with the right advice and support, taking this step is neither difficult nor expensive.

For years now, Microsoft server systems have provided cutting-edge business solutions to organisations, and, recognising the needs of small businesses, the company introduced the Windows Small Business Server, as a complete, yet affordable, solution.

Benefits of a server for small business

A server typically refers to a computer system that runs one or more business services as a ‘host’, which serves the needs of other users in a computer network. Large corporations will usually have several servers: a database server, file server, mail server, print server and web server.

Centralised storage: Because businesses these days generate large volumes of digital data in a wide range of formats, and from different sources, having centralised storage of that data – a server – allows it to be easily accessed, on a permission basis, by others in the network.

A small business server has a high storage capacity allowing it to capture and store data and applications. As a data centre, it can eliminate the need for large storage capacities of mobile devices by providing network users with access to data and applications on demand.

Data protection: A small business server, accompanied by reliable server support, can protect critical business data against loss or corruption as a result of disasters, theft or hardware problems.

This is accomplished through regular backup activities and automatic failure recovery services immediately technical faults are detected. An automated recovery assistance system supports data protection by automatically creating redundant copies of data and repairing corrupted files promptly – while making healthy portions of the file system continuously available to users.

Continuous availability: Operating in a global market requires round-the-clock accessibility of IT applications, services and data. A Microsoft server for small business supports the availability of services and data through high IT service uptime. This, in turn, reduces missed opportunities as your business stays online all the time.

Manageability: Modern IT systems such as a small business server offer user-friendly solutions that allow small businesses to consolidate business processes.

As a result, redundant applications are eliminated, leading to reduced costs and higher efficiency. And, because their maintenance can be easily outsourced to professionals, there is no need for a small business to employ IT server support staff for the maintenance of server systems.

Quality servers are easy to use and comprehensive – one can be adequate for 25 to 75 users without having to purchase multiple server systems or hiring IT staff. This translates to huge cost savings that can be redirected to core business activities.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials

The latest Microsoft server product, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, is an IT solution that is easy to use, allowing access to as many as 25 users. It is an ideal first server system for small businesses.

It provides business data protection, organisation, and access to users from different locations. Its flexibility allows for the development of cloud environments for collaboration, email access and access to business applications on the Web – using different devices.

Windows Small Business Server 2011

For small businesses with up to 75 users, the Windows Small Business Server 2011 is the appropriate solution that provides email, connectivity, remote access, file and printer sharing capabilities for a complete solution. It’s like having several servers rolled into one small business server.

Small business servers are power-packed systems that can provide sizeable returns on investment when managed professionally. An ideal server provider will show key staff how to maximise use of their system’s capabilities, resources, and tools – and provide an ongoing server support service.

Making the wrong choice in server, or provider, however, can be very costly. Decision makers should research the options, and take advice only from providers who are demonstrated experts in the field.

Ideally they will have a team of IT specialists on hand who have proven experience in providing server services and IT server support for small businesses.

Recommended are Microsoft Servers specialists who offer no-commitment and free assessments of your needs, and a review of any existing server setup.

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