Server Nightmares: Fix Upgrades & Maintenance

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Sever upgrade and maintenance is a daunting task for any IT administrator. This is mainly because any discrepancy or mistakes in the required tasks has the capability of resulting in extensive non-monetary and financial losses for the enterprise. Although one would wonder why IT administrators are required to perform a server upgrade in the first place, it is imperative to bear in mind that the increasingly fierce competition and dynamics of every industry pose new demands for businesses of all sizes.

In simple words, this means the initial deployment of hardware and servers is always based on meeting the most standard demands and objectives of an organisation. However, as the requirements continue to evolve due time, it becomes incredibly vital to upgrade operational frameworks, equipments, procedures, servers, and other internal systems. This is why the need of performing server maintenance and upgrades arises.

Therefore, to ensure enterprises achieve their goals efficiently and lower the potential risks of inefficient performance, server damage, and other-related issues, here are a few tips to overcome common sever maintenance and upgrade perils:

Better Safe than Sorry

When it comes to upgrading your server or performing vital maintenance tasks, it is imperative to create data backups, regardless of the scenario. This means, it doesn’t matter if the maintenance task or upgrade seems ordinary in nature, size, or type. You must make it certain to develop an effective backup strategy/plan that is thoroughly checked and reviewed before the server upgrade process commences. This is based on the simple rule of thumbs – knowing what to fall back on and better being safe than sorry, hence ensuring your server upgrade process goes smoothly and without any issues.

Perform a Clean Up

When upgrade preparations are being finalised, it is vital that you delete any useless and unnecessary data stored in the servers. But, why is that? Basically, a server maintenance or upgrade is the perfect opportunity to utilise precautionary measures for assuring unnecessary information is deleted, necessary information is backed up, and other vital business data is protected and secured. Subsequently, performing an efficient clean up and sorting process can assure the success of the upgrade and lead to more resourceful and ample use of hard drive space.

Review the Hardware

The focus for upgrading or maintaining a server should not be confined only to the software side of the activity. An important part of upgrading server is to check whether or not existing hardware will be able to cope up with increasing amount of load. This means, businesses need to spend a lot of money, time and effort into choosing the right hardware and figuring out whether a mismatch would be detected.

Follow a Wise Handling Plan

In major IT projects like a server upgrade, the administrative and maintenance staff will be required to transport hardware from one location to another. Proper physical handling is required for this step and cannot be done by an individual person. Therefore, be sure to purchase IT handling equipment beforehand or hire a few lifters with experience on handling important equipment during an upgrade.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, overcoming the perils of server upgrade and maintenance won’t be a problem.

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