The importance of data backup

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Data is the most important aspect of your computer. Therefore, data backup is important to both individual users and business. However, not everyone takes it seriously despite that they know how important it is. Perhaps backing up all the files seems like an enormous task.

Accident such as malicious virus infection, hard drive failure and physical computer damage will lead to data loss. You might think this will never happen to you. A survey in 2011 shows that over 1,000 employees found that there were fundamental gaps in their back-up and storage systems. Although 70% of them claimed that they did regular data backup, they still suffer from data loss at some point. It shows that normal backup techniques are not sufficient.

How to backup?

It all begins with a backup and disaster recovery system, which can be implemented by Netcomp Solutions. This system is a necessary element of the cloud services, which provides a cost-effective offsite backup of your data. It is far securer than backing up your data to an external hard drive. However, recovery system is not a one-size fits all solution. The strategy varies for every business. It is designed in a way to meet the direct needs and requirement to ensure recovery is timely and successful.

At Netcomp, we will begin with a planning meeting to discuss about the impact of specific data loss to your company. We will also make clear about the priority of different kinds of data that you want to recover. For example, if all your system and files were lost, what would the first set of files or applications to be recovered? We need to make sure that data recovery take place in a logical way for your business to mitigate the damage. Data recovery is not simply hitting a button and everything just come back. We would also like to know the maximum time a system can be down so that we can have enough time to carry out data recovery. We will come out with a tailored solution to your business within your budget.

The solution and strategies implemented by Netcomp is suitable for all kinds of disaster such as fire, flood, server failure, power outage and virus.  Your data and application are securely backed up on our data centre. The process is completely automated for you.

If you don’t have a backup and data recovery plan, get in touch with Netcomp today and we will design a tailored data recovery system for you.

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