Windows 10 Near Share

With the latest update of Windows 10, Microsoft includes the new file sharing feature called Near Share which is similar to AirDrop. Near Share will allow Windows 10 users to share their files to nearby PCs via Bluetooth even if they are not in the same network.

What are the benefits?

Traditionally, in order for share files between two PCs, both PCs have to be in the same network either through Ethernet or WiFi. It is useful in an office setting since all the devices are connected to same network. However, it is not convenient for users who are not connected to the same network. For example, if you want to share a document to a friend’s PC next to you, you will need to use a ethernet cable to connect these 2 PCs to send through the file. Or in a more modern way, you will need to use a thumb-drive (USB) to transfer the document. Near Share allows two PCs to communicate to each other through Bluetooth. It is more convenient and secure.

How does it benefit to users in office?

As it mentioned before, office PCs can communicate to one another because they are in the same network. So the question is how does this new feature benefit to users in office. Well, Near Share can be used in situations like meetings with clients who are not connected to the company’s local network. Documents and photos can be quickly shared to clients without any hassles.

When will it be released?

Near Share feature will be added to the Windows 10 notification centre in the next big update. The next update is scheduled in March/April 2018. Windows 10 users will soon enjoy this file sharing feature just like the Apple users.