What affects your Internet Speed

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Users always want the fastest internet speed. But it is common that we all experience network delay. In some cases, a network delay may last only a few milliseconds and have a negligible impact on what the user is doing. In other cases, network delay can cause a severe slowdown on the internet speed. Typical scenarios that especially sensitive to internet speed include:

  • Downloading applications/files
  • Time to load a web page
  • Stream video or playing online games

Bandwidth in Network

Bandwidth is one of the key factors that determine the speed of a computer network. Virtually everyone knows the bandwidth ratings of their network routers and their ISP (internet service provider). Bandwidth in computer networking refers to the data rate supported by a network connection or interface. It represents the overall capacity of the connection. The greater the capacity, the faster the network speed.

The theoretical ratings of the bandwidth are different from the actual bandwidth speed. For example, a standard 802.11g Wi-Fi connection has a 54Mbps bandwidth but in practical, it only achieves 50% or less of this number in actual throughput. So it is normal that your internet speed is slower that what the ISP has promised.

Measuring bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that passes through a network connection over time as measured in bits per second (bps). There are a lot of existing tools to measure the bandwidth performance. On LANs (local area networks), you can use netperf and ttcp. And for the internet, you can use the bandwidth and speed test programs online.

Your broadband speeds depend largely on what type of connection you have. Australia’s urban broadband infrastructure consist of ADSL2 and hybrid fibre coaxial cables. The difference in speed is compared below:

Type of ConnectionMax Speed
ADSL2+24Mbps download, 3.3Mbps upload
Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC)100Mbps download, 40Mbps upload
Fibre to the premise (FTTP)100Mbps download, 40 Mbps upload


If you find you internet speed is slow, it is best to contact your ISP and see if they can change the internet connection. Otherwise, you might need to change to another ISP.

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