Top 5 Advantages of Using Managed IT Services

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In today’s competitive business environment, IT departments appear incredibly strained. The IT staff is tied up working on low-level system maintenance and regularly installing upgrades and patches that are vital for keeping the network secure. They manage all the computers, the network and even perform regular maintenance tasks. Consequently, they have too much to do with few resources and face constant pressure from the management to do more with less. This reacting to urgent demands leads to other critical work being neglected.

For this reason, to reduce the burden on the IT staff and promote better business efficiency, it is a good option to consider managed services. For more information, let’s take a look at the advantages of using managed services:

1.    Use State-of-the-Art Technology

One of the main benefits of outsourcing a business’ IT to a managed service provider is it allows you to future-proof services and use some of the best-of-breed technologies. Now, how is that? Well, it can get difficult for businesses to invest in top of the line technologies and hardware. However, professional managed service providers already have these technologies available, allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of carrier grade solutions without the initial expenditure. Consequently, with a managed service solution, you will never have to worry about your IT system becoming obsolete.

2.    Increased Business Efficiency

Professional managed service providers have specialist IT skills that exceed the levels available to small businesses and large enterprises. Consequently, having round-the-clock access to these skills proves to be an invaluable asset to businesses and can help improve overall efficiency. Additionally, it can also help save money that would otherwise be invested on training staff internally. Therefore, through the use of managed services, businesses can benefit from immense efficiency gains.

3.    Reduced Downtime & Risk

One of the main benefits of using managed services is the providers have the ability to track, analyse and begin remediation of issues and problems more quickly than any other system or IT personnel and this helps reduce costly downtime that may affect the reputation of your business. These professionals can even determine when a failure is imminent in most cases, hence preventing the issue from occurring in the first place, reducing the risk and downtime for businesses.

4.    Capacity Planning

Managed service providers utilise tools and technologies that are constantly keeping track and monitoring the capacity and performance of different systems, network bandwidth, database size and more. All of this information is stored and backed up as historical data. Consequently, by gaining access to this data, any business can analyse trends in their capacity or performance related to different devices. Therefore, this allows the management to make more informed decisions regarding future IT performance and capacity needs.

5.    Converged Services

Last, but not the least, professional service providers deliver all IT services over a single converged network. Not only does this increase productivity, but also enables businesses to save money in terms of infrastructure. This is mainly because employees can easily access data and access voice applications while working at home or any other location.

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, perhaps it’s time you outsource your IT needs to a managed service provider as well.

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