Fortress Your Business: Building a Robust Cybersecurity Defense

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With the increasing frequency and severity of cyber threats, it has become a necessity for businesses to implement common sense cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data. Without doubt cybersecurity should be a priority for all organizations, regardless of their size, location, or industry.

Surely it’s easy to blame the IT company for this. “I don’t know anything about cybersecurity, and I rely on my IT team to tell me what to do!” That argument is perfect, if you’re actually implementing what they have to say.

For instance, multi-factor authentication blocks 99% of personal identity attacks, yet many businesses opt out when their provider makes this recommendation. Banks already require MFA for sensitive information: your business data is no less important.

MOST common cyber threats and breaches scenarios:

1. Companies are not pushing out patches and updates quickly enough. Think of these as holes being filled. If this is not getting done, then your computers and network are filled with holes for attackers to sneak in!

2. Open RDP ports. Don’t worry about what this means, just know that an open port leaves your business open to the world. So ssk your provider about this!

3. No Multi-factor authentication. This is a second form of authentication outside of your password. Even taking 2 extra seconds when you login could save you from weeks of downtime!

4. No GEO-IP blocking on firewall and email. Do you do business with China, Russia, or other countries outside of your home country? If not, block those countries! It’s a force function that keeps a lot of hackers at bay, moreover it’s a barrier that will have them looking elsewhere for low hanging fruit.

Cybersecurity gets complicated, yes. But at the end of the day, there are EASY common-sense layers you can put in place that will set you up to be resilient in this new cyber landscape.

If you would like a high level audit of your cybersecurity measures, then reach out here and we will give you a call.

Finally want to dive a little deeper? Read our E-Book on the executives guide to cybersecurity. No technical jargon, just the layers recommended and WHY displayed in an easy-to-understand chart.

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