Backup and Why Businesses Need It

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As a business owner, whether it’s a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ store or an online company, you likely rely on your computer system and the data it contains to perform vital business functions and tasks. So, what will happen if you lose all important data due to a machine or hardware fail? You will be doomed! That’s right. So, it is clear that data loss is not something that you would want to live with. Consequently, it is important that you put a proper disaster recovery plan in place and regularly back up data. Here are a few reasons why backing up data might just prove useful for your business.

Delivers a Sense of Security

Nobody is perfect and we as humans often tend to make mistakes. Saying so, regardless of if you have 5 employees or 5,000, each of them might make a mistake inevitably and open a file or document that contains a virus. This virus could lead to hardware or machine fail, hence eliminating all important data from their computer causing guilt and confusion in employees. However, if you have a proper backup plan in place, employees will feel assured knowing the company has the foresight to deal with any unforeseen potential disaster, thus delivering a sense of security.

Saves You from Deadly Downtime

Loss of important business data or outages can cause serious disruptions, resulting in loss in revenue, breaches in security, damage to reputation, and reduced productivity. In August 2013, went down for a period of 30 minutes and this downtime cost the company between $4 million or more. Another research suggested that such businesses that experience similar catastrophic data losses can never reopen and often shut down within a period of two years. Luckily, Amazon was able to recover, and that was all due to a proper backup data plan.

Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Let’s explain this point with an example: In the event of a natural disaster where’s the first place you will go if not your home? A place that will offer you safety right! A place that is filled with people and probably had a backup plan, so that they can help others. Similarly, if you have a backup plan in place and a virus takes over and affects other businesses. You will gain unrivalled peace of mind that your businesses can continue to operate, hence giving you a competitive advantage over others.

Saves You from Doing Work Twice

Backing up data by the minute can also save employees from doing work twice. For instance, you been working on a spreadsheet file for months and suddenly a hardware malfunction causes the data to get erased. The regular backing up of data can help you recover that file, hence saving you from having to do the work twice.

Helps Maintain Success

A backup plan helps in efficiently replacing corrupted or deleted files simultaneously, ensuring the smooth running your business. It does so without adversely effecting overall production of your business. Consequently, having a backup plan and regularly backing up data can help cure all small hiccups in your business that have the potential of slowing down production.

So, if you want to ensure the success of your business, then perhaps it’s time you put a proper data backup and recovery system in place as well.

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