5 Content Creation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Content marketing can be defined as a marketing technique which involves the creation and distribution of valuable, interesting and unique content to provide value to customers. Consequently, it simply involves delivering appealing, informative, and attention-grabbing stories to your customers. However, even so, many people including experts face difficulty in creating content and make many silly blunders, which leads to lack of web traffic. Is your online presence giving prospective customers the wrong idea about you as well? If so, show them what a professional you are by avoiding these 5 content creation mistakes:

1.          Poor Flow of Content

Poor flow of content destroys writing in general. Consequently, writing that does not follow a logical flow will not be able to attract potential customers in any way. So, avoid creating content in the same order as thoughts occur. Instead, focus on creating an outline for each of your articles and then rearrange your writing based on it. If you still feel the content is out of flow, print out the work, read it over, and label the main theme for each sentence. Another professional way to avoid this mistake would be to read the content out loud to discover sentence structure errors.

2.          Forgetting to Proofread

Nothing can make prospective customers click away from your website or post faster than a profusion of silly grammar and spelling blunders! Of course, typos do occur from time to time, but if customers are reading a post that has one spelling and grammar blunder after another, it will make them feel that YOU didn’t care enough to proofread your content. And if you didn’t read it twice for proofreading, why should the customer read it? Consequently, always proofread your content or hire a copy editor to give your content a quick inspection and make the necessary tweaks.

3.          Not Utilising Images, Videos and Audio

Text is, of course, paramount to content creation, but what’s even more important is using different types of visual aids to grab the viewer’s attention and spike their curiosity. Pages that use images, video, and audio content have lower bounce rates than those without. So, if you are not the kind to post a ton of images in your content, you should at least use typographical aids. These include different colored links, numbered/bulleted lists, different sized headers, italics, and bolded text. This helps highlight important pieces of content, hence making it more readable and catchy.

4.          Forgetting to Give Credit Where its Due

Nobody wants to do business with someone who is dishonest. Similarly, nobody would like to read content that is stolen from others or in short plagiarised! Consequently, whenever you use words from a different blog, be sure to ask permission to quote them. Additionally, if you are borrowing images from the internet, don’t forget to mention the source. Cite your pictures and content at all times, even if it means providing the link to the owner’s social profile or website.

5.          Ineffective Marketing Strategy

Content is literally meaningless if no one can find it. Consequently, sharing your content and creating an effective marketing strategy is equally as paramount as creating it. As you can see, there’s a lot more that goes into creating content than simply writing an article and posting it online. So, make sure to avoid these mistakes to understand how to create better and valuable content.

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