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Netcomp Solutions

NetComp have been providing SME businesses in Brisbane with expert advice and support for all their IT needs since 2002. Located in Greenslopes within quick Brisbane CBD reach, our vastly skilled IT technicians can help install and maintain your business servers, desktops and other IT equipment.

Here at NetComp our focus is on helping your company build and maintain the best IT infrastructure to suit your business needs. We offer the best in IT support services for small businesses including, computer repairs, website design, IT solutions, networking, server backup, and small business server services, so you can focus on what you do best, running your business. We take the hassle out of all your IT problems.

Our goals

To ensure that your IT investment is helping to drive the
productivity and competitiveness of your business

To reduce the distraction, disruption and cost of IT-hiccups

To provide a responsive and professional service

To be considered by our clients as an asset to their business and become their trusted, long-term business partner


Fragmented Files

Fragmented files can fill up your hard disks and take up your computer’s resources. Our experts will help you defragment your files in a structured manner and thereby allow them to load faster. Use our services once a month to ensure optimum IT performance.


Temporary Files

The files that you view are stored in temporary files so that they can be retrieved later if need be. However, they also tend to fill up your disk space if they are left to accumulate and slow down your systems as a result. Our crew will help you clean up your virtual spaces and improve desktop speed.


Troubleshoot Wireless Internet Connections

Businesses often rely on wireless internet connections in order to enable several devices and desktops to share a number of resources such as printers and internet connections. Glitches in access points can result in poor connections and cause problems throughout your IT operations.

Our troubleshooting services in Brisbane will help you deal with such issues before they become complex. From regular cleanings and defragmenting to maintenance, we at NetComp ensure that all your systems run at peak efficiencies at all times.


Dusty Hardware

Even dust around hardware components can affect computer operations or slow them down. Regular cleanings can prevent dust and debris from gathering in these components. However you need professional cleaning services to ensure that such sensitive parts are handled with care. We ensure that the parts that are located inside your hardware are free from dust the safe way.


Hardware Upgrade

Our skilled experts are experienced in handling a range of computer upgrades. Old hardware or outdated parts can slow your systems to a crawl. Our IT experts offer technical consultations as well as procure specific parts and install them for you.

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