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What is Web Design and Development

Your business is unique and its website should be no different. It is the face of your company online and should stand apart from other websites vying for your audience’s attention. How do you ensure a stellar design on a limited budget? The design experts at NetComp will help you create a website that doesn’t only get you the attention that you need but is highly visible on major search engines as well.

Why Us?

Websites do not only have to look appealing to visitors. They also need to be functional enough to ensure that the same visitors come back and bring more. You can hardly expect that to happen if your web pages are full of glitches. Everything from downloads to displays should work at 100% at all times. However, that is easier said than done for the busy business owner. Chances are that you don’t have the resources or budget to put an IT staff on the payroll either. We are here to ensure that you never have to.

Your website shouldn’t only be unique – it should also make a statement from the landing page all the way to your Contact page. Whether you are looking to improve to enhance the look of your eCommerce website or make one from scratch, our experts are prepared to provide you the services you require. The services that we offer extend, but are certainly not limited to the following –

eCommerce Web Design

Your Home page might be well designed; but what about your product pages? Are functionalities such as shopping carts and payment options easy to use? Are they visible to your target audience on major search engines? At NetComp we know that simple issues can make the difference between an online store that sells well and one that doesn’t see any traffic at all. Our team uses best practice methods to making selling and buying online a breeze. We keep ourselves updated on current trends and latest web design software that bring you the best value.

Customised Web Design and Development

Our experts don’t only specialise in creating websites for eCommerce owners. We offer a variety of web design solutions for businesses that specialise in a range of different industries. The experts at NetComp have experience working with a wide variety of projects. Our team of designers, content creators and developers work together to create websites that represent your business in its true form.

Maintenance And Support

At NetComp, our services do not end at the design phase. Once your website is up and running we are prepared to deal with any maintenance issues that you may face along the way as well. We are committed to your business for the long haul. Whether you need to revamp the content, create fresh content or run into technical problems, we are here to help.

NetComp is your best source for website design in Brisbane. Contact us to get started and discuss your concerns with us.

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