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What is Business Hosting

If you are looking for an affordable best web hosting service in Australia, NetComp is where you should be. Our hosting solutions are designed to give eCommerce owners the best value for their marketing dollar.

Professional web hosting is a resource that makes it possible for business owners to acquire web security and technical support necessary to maintain their web offerings. Such a service is a boon for a company that relies on data heavily in order to operate. eCommerce ventures are one example. Our web hosting services provide you restoration features and data backup solutions that spare you from purchasing additional software.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting refers to a process in which our experts handle all of your server requirements for you. Consistent monitoring from our system administrators ensure that our servers operate at peak efficiency


Data security is a high priority for any business. We secure our servers according to a variety of criteria such as –

  • Virus scanning
  • OS updates
  • Software firewall configurations
  • Regular security audits

NetComp’s hosting solutions are equipped with the tools and experience you need to deal with issues that may compromise your cyber security. Our experts scan core applications and operating systems to find areas in which our servers may be vulnerable and secure them before they are attacked.

Managed Storage Solution

Companies need to change their storage requirements according to fluctuating business objectives. However, they don’t always have the skilled manpower necessary to accommodate such changes in their IT databases or need their personnel to work on more important matters. Our hosting services will take such a burden off your shoulders and design the best system that will work with your requirements.

Manage Multiple Media

If your business relies on media such as video, images and other files, hosting services from NetComp can ensure that you make the best of them. In this way, your websites are available for the entire world in a well constructed web network.

Less Operating Costs

As the owner of an eCommerce store, chances are that you have a lot of expenses to pay for. Putting in-house staff to manage your servers and database is just an added expense. Hiring NetComp as your hosting partner of choice will serve you well in the long run. We have the people and skills to handle any issues that you may face.

Customised Services

NetComp does not believe in a cookie cutter service. This is because we know that every business is unique and works within its own objectives. Contact us to discuss the best web hosting services that will suit your preferences. We have a range of other related services for you to choose from as well.

Whether you want to include shopping carts for your eCommerce venture or are looking for secure domains to host your business website, the experts at NetComp can help you out. Contact us and our customer service representatives will discuss options that complement your business objectives.

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