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What is VPS Hosting

If you are looking for the best cloud hosting service, NetComp is where you should be. In general a VPS is a virtual mechanism that is sold as a service. It manages its own operating system and clients have access to it. This allows them to install almost any software on that system without having to purchase additional hardware or software to do so. In other words, they offer the same functionalities of a physical server and are friendlier on corporate budgets as well.

VPS from NetComp have great value for clients in need of the flexibility and features of environments that are the specialty of dedicated servers. Our services allow clients to test, launch and operate applications on our virtual private server.

Why VPS Hosting?

As virtualisation technologies become popular and perform better than ever before, the use of VPS or Virtual Private Servers is only expected to grow. Not only does the technology help businesses reduce their carbon footprint it also makes it possible for them to scale operations fast and efficiently.

Here are other reasons why VPS hosting services from NetComp can provide businesses with the best value for large returns –

Reliability and Stability

Gone are the days when shared web hosting used to rule. The reliability of shared hosting diminishes since most hosting companies tend to accommodate several customers on the same server. In other words, your website’s performance will be affected by thousands of other websites that work on the same server.


It is important for the new business owner to gain web traffic. If you happen to be one, your best bet would be to scale the hosting resources that we have to offer. The best part is that it is perfect for new business owners who want to scale their hosting resources without having to spend extra to resolve any hardware or technical issues.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

VPS is an environmentally friendly technology and allows clients to use their resources more efficiently as well. Such a perk is perfect for businesses looking to cash in on this popular trend. VPS hosting services from NetComp help you achieve this.

More Control

Clients are also provided complete root access to their own independent environment. We give each customer their own customised software package. This also means that each environment is optimised to be secure and offer the best performance.

Every one of our clients is given their own root access, memory, files, IP addresses and configurations on our VPS. Our Virtual Hosting Server is designed to power your business and enhance its speed enough for you to run your applications or website more efficiently. Whether you own a business that experiences regular traffic or a developer requiring instant scalability, VPS hosting services from NetComp will provide you with everything you require. Contact us to discuss your business objectives. We offer a highly personalised service and are hailed as the best cloud hosting service around. Manage your web presence on a cloud VPS today.

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