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What is Co-Location

Co-location services from NetComp are equipped to handle all of your server needs. You never have to worry about paying extra for a physical infrastructure with our cloud servers. NetComp Solutions manages and maintains its own operating system and private servers. This allows us to provide each client their own managed virtual private server and unique ISPs all of which are monitored by our professional datacentre experts.

What is it?

Co-location is a practice that allows you to house your servers in professional data centres. The main purpose of the service is to give clients the opportunity to scale their operations in a cost effective way and –

  • Enjoy greater bandwidth
  • Lower latency
  • Specialised services and systems
  • Advanced infrastructures

The datacentres are configured to allow our clients secure access to completely private servers. Every container is securely locked from other co-location clients that we serve.

Why Co-location Matters

Co-location solutions are a great way for companies to accommodate changing IT requirements efficiently. Our services offer our clientele the following benefits –

  • Server Maintenance
  • Server Security
  • Data Protection from unauthorised access, malicious attacks or hardware faults
  • Storage Backup
  • Higher Speeds
  • Reduced storage and equipment costs
  • And more

Here are other reasons why our co-location services prove to be worthwhile investments –


Such services allow businesses to scale their own services or operations as needed. In addition, you only pay for what you use and may access as much storage space as you need. Not only does this capability improve your IT performance, it also makes it possible for you to keep operating costs to a minimum without having to pay to power, manage and maintain an in-house server.


Our experts monitor our data centre on a regular basis which means that you don’t have to worry about data theft or unauthorised access. Around the clock maintenance ensures that your most critical systems work at peak operational efficiency at all times. With our servers, you never have to purchase any of the security measures that we employ to keep your data safe

The servers that you use are stored in climate controlled data centres and that guarantee high bandwidth speed. In this way, you don’t have to purchase an additional IT structure and use your IT staff to work on other pressing operational concerns especially issues that affect your ROI.

Does your business have a team that is available 24/7 or can reboot your server if it fails at 3 in the dead of night? Our co-location services   VPS location services from NetComp aim to maximise your business potential by keeping operational costs to a minimum while you focus on your core business. We specialise in operating data centres and network services so that you don’t have to. This is an especially promising prospect for businesses that deal in IT or finance.

Our services are completely customisable. Contact us to discuss your business objectives.

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