Remote Desktop

Keep track of business operations with remote access Businesses need to stay on top of their game at all times especially if they want to keep their services competitive and beat their competitors. This is why remote access capabilities are highly valued by businesses big and small. We at NetComp can provide you remote desktop support for your operations. What is it? Remote access is integral for the financial, operational and strategic design of a company just like IT management is


Cloud Server

Cloud Server A managed virtual private server keeps your data secure and can be accessed anytime or from anywhere. Businesses that utilise such technologies have a lot to gain in this regard. However, most businesses do not have the budget to hire an IT staff to initiate or manage cloud performance. This is where the experts at NetComp can help. Our professionals always ensure that our cloud servers run at peak efficiency at all times. Security On premise servers may be damaged and cost


VPS Hosting

If you are looking for the best cloud hosting service, NetComp is where you should be. In general a VPS is a virtual mechanism that is sold as a service. It manages its own operating system and clients have access to it. This allows them to install almost any software on that system without having to purchase additional hardware or software to do so. In other words, they offer the same functionalities of a physical server and are friendlier on corporate budgets as well. VPS from NetComp



Co-location services from NetComp are equipped to handle all of your server needs. You never have to worry about paying extra for a physical infrastructure with our cloud servers. NetComp Solutions manages and maintains its own operating system and private servers. This allows us to provide each client their own managed virtual private server and unique ISPs all of which are monitored by our professional datacentre experts. What is it? Co-location is a practice that allows you to house


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