Steyr Motors Australia

A custom made web application allowed the business to reduce the time consumed by common tasks, while increasing accuracy and improving overall efficiency.

The Situation

Steyr Motors Australia is the exclusive and authorised dealer for Steyr Motors diesel engines in Australia.
Originally introduced into the country by sister company, McIntyre Equipment Pty Ltd, in 1997, Steyr Motors Australia took over operation in 2010 to extend brand awareness.
Both companies are family owned and were founded in 2010 and 1995 respectively. Directors are Rob and Bern McIntyre, who together have over 30 years commercial experience and remain today at the core of the company’s operations ensuring new direction and growth.

The Problem

To run the business operations as per ISO9001:2008 standards, a new custom developed web application was required in order to best suit the needs of the business. All internal processes had to be documented including shipping tracking and deliveries. This information needed to be correctly collected in accordance with the aforementioned standard, but the system still needed to be robust and easy to use.

The Solution

Netcomp web developers communicated with Steyr Motors’ business managers to come up with a design and information structure which suited the needs of the business and met all of their requirements. Once the preliminary design stages had been approved, the application was taken into development and eventually deployed for testing and usage to the company, with various requirement suitability milestones along the way.

The Benefits

The newly designed system reduced the labour time required to perform standard and time consuming tasks which used to be done on physical mediums such as paper. The new system allowed these records to be gathered faster, stored more conveniently, and reports to be generated from the data with the utmost ease.

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