Hitman Pest Control

The newfound flexibility from Hitman's upgraded system allowed them to be more efficient all around as a business

The Situation

Hitman is a reputable pest control company that has been operating since 1995, and was originally founded by Niels and Donna Ross-Teigan. Since first starting, Hitman has gone from strength to strength as a result of their honest and reliable service, and continued excellence in the pest control industry. Hitman always ensures it’s kept up to date with the latest pest prevention treatments, and will treat your property with nothing less than the highest quality, and safest pest protection treatments available.

The Problem

Hitman Pest Control made use of an internal business application in order to streamline their operations. This system had been custom developed to suit their needs 10 years ago, but was now struggling to keep up with changing times, and lacked the flexibility of a more modern solution, ultimately encumbering Hitman more than it should.

The Solution

Netcomp Solutions started by analysing the current software as well as the related business processes and structures to determine exactly what Hitman needed in a solution. Based on the research and analysis conducted, Netcomp was able to devise a new web based application which met all of Hitman’s business requirements, but offered them newfound flexibility in the form of a cloud-based web application, a stark contrast to their old, platform dependant solution of days gone by.

The Benefits

For Hitman, the main advantage of the new system was its web-based infrastructure. This allowed users to access the application from any device, any place, any time. This newfound flexibility allowed Hitman to expand the role of the software, allowing it to be used remotely and on-site, instead of just in the office. This improved business productivity and efficiency. Going forward, the extensible nature of the web application will allow for new features and technology to be integrated, such as VOIP communication, or other business process enhancing technologies.

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