The Importance of IT Auditing and its Benefits

A step towards trouble-free IT workplace

For any organisation to survive and compete with other businesses, they need to invest in what is called “Information Technology (IT)”, which ensures data availability, integrity, and confidentiality. However, with the increase of internal and external threats, the IT system of a business could be exposed to potential risks. This is one of the main reasons why people invest in IT auditing services.

IT audits cover a wide range of IT processing and communication infrastructure including web services, software applications, security systems, operating systems and client-server networks and systems. The audits are generally designed to ensure there are no errors within your IT system, leaving you vulnerable for an attack. To understand more, let’s take a look at the importance of IT auditing and its benefits:

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The Importance of IT Auditing

There are mainly three types of IT audits:

  1. 1. Performance (or value-for-money)
  2. 2. Compliance to applicable, standards, laws, and policies
  3. 3. Financial statements audits.
  4. The objective of these audits is to find out if there are any inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the management and in the use of a business’ IT system.

The system works in a way that it first identifies risks in a business and then assesses them using advanced design controls, thus allowing you to think of an appropriate solution to help tackle those risks. Therefore, IT auditing is crucial for businesses looking to protect their IT systems and valuable information and data.

The Benefits of IT Auditing

Reduces Risks Related to IT

One of the main benefits of IT auditing is that it can help tackle risks related to availability, integrity and confidentiality of information technology processes and infrastructure. They can also improve the reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of IT systems by covering a wide-range of threats by regular identification and assessment of risks in an organisation.

Therefore, once the risks are assessed, it provides the IT team in an organisation clear vision on what course of action to take to eliminate, reduce, or simply accept those risks as part of the operating environment through the use of IT audit controls. So, if your business is facing trouble in dealing with potential risks, then IT auditing may be the perfect solution for you. Let NetComp get you IT simple.

Improves Security of Data

After assessing the risks mentioned above, IT audit control can be identified and assessed. Therefore, it gives organisations the opportunity to redesign or strengthen poorly designed or ineffective controls, thus leading to improved security of IT data. Usually a COBIT framework of IT controls are used for IT auditing, but now even more advanced set of technologies and tools are introduced, which even allows businesses to detect internal and external threats immediately and take a course of action automatically.

Enhances IT Governance

Last, but not the least, IT auditing serves a critical function in ensuring all your business’ laws, regulations and compliances are met by all employees and of course the IT department as well. This in turn improves IT governance, as the overall IT management has a strong understanding of the controls, risks and value of an organisation’s technological environment. So, what else could you ask for?

So, if your business is facing trouble, keeping its IT infrastructure and data secure, then perhaps it’s time you invest in an IT auditing service or system that is tailored according to your business’ needs and requirements.