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What is Network Support

A typical business network is composed of a wide range of components such as printers, routers, hardware, software, computers and other IT equipment. Even a minor issue in any single component can play havoc with operations especially if it is not resolved post haste. In a competitive market, business owners need to ensure that their networks run like well oiled machines at all times.

Needless to say, when it comes to acquiring IT solutions that ensure network security and integrity, you need a service that you can trust. We at NetComp are that service.

Why Us?

Rapid innovations in network security systems and data storage are often hard for people to process especially if they are not used to dealing with such technicalities. Our experts ensure that they never have to. From server crashes to poor Wi-fi connectivity, our IT solutions are designed to acknowledge every issue that may compromise the efficiency of your networks.

In order to detect issues before they happen, it is important to know how each aspect in your network will work –

Wi-Fi Networks

Businesses usually use Wi-Fi technology in order to enable devices such as tablets, laptops, and even printers to communicate wirelessly. This is also why such a technology is popular amongst small start ups. However, even Wi-Fi networks are susceptible to technical issues which can lead to serious consequences if they aren’t addressed immediately.

For example, issues such as low connectivity or a lack of one can bring operations to a screeching halt. Our IT experts ensure that your business does not lose revenue by preparing you for issues such as these or resolving them via remote access.

Traditional Cable Network Setup

Businesses that operate within cabled networks don’t have to worry about slow connectivity as long as pertinent servers or routers are maintained on a regular basis. However, such systems take time to install. In addition, situations such as relocations or renovations can also hamper their functionality.

NetComp advises business owners to incorporate both Wi-Fi and cabled networks in their corporate setups. We will provide you with the technical assistance you need to ensure that your networks work at optimum efficiency no matter what the situation.

Outsourced Network Services

Why do outsourced network services from NetComp make sense? Two words; cost savings. It is impossible for small businesses to hire an IT staff on a full time basis like bigger businesses do. With NetComp as your partner, you receive expert IT support services without the huge overheads. Our professional technicians and software experts have a vast amount of experience in their respective fields. And all of them are committed towards a single goal; to ensure that any technical issues you face are addressed in real time and that such services are factored into your budget.

Contact us at NetComp to ask us about our network services. Our experts are equipped to handle everything from performing on-site checks to troubleshooting, restoring or repairing your networks.

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