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What is IT Audit

A business that relies on vast networks must carry out IT audit on a regular basis in order to maintain operational efficiencies and reduce downtimes. Such processes are an essential part of IT management. It involves the analyses of different components within business technologies such as workstations, servers and networking equipment, essentially any of your IT assets.

Most businesses however, tend to overlook IT audits altogether especially if they lack the manpower such as dedicated support personnel or resources, for the task. Let the certified experts at NetComp handle such processes for you while you focus on other tasks.

IT Support Services

From assessing network security to network configuration, backup systems, workstations, servers, hardware and software; we are equipped to handle every aspect of your IT capabilities. Our Brisbane based audit services offer –

On-Site Consultations

Consultation allows our experts and your IT staff to stay on the same page throughput the audit process. Let us evaluate your network and data infrastructure for you.

Proactive Network Analyses

Are your IT networks as secure as they need to be? NetComp can propose solutions such as appropriate firewalls and other security solutions that will keep your networks secure from both online as well as offline threats.

Email Spamming and Malware

Malware may compromise the security of your IT networks and must be dealt with as soon as it emerges. Our experts can prevent malicious malware and viruses from accessing your systems.

Analysis of Power Protection Systems

How secure are your systems against power failures? Our network technicians will take necessary steps to safeguard your systems with appropriate solutions that will protect your assets from sudden power outages.

Analysis of Backup Systems

Backup systems are necessary for file and data storage. But are yours secure enough to survive a power failure or an online threat? Our professional analysts can secure your systems against data loss.

Virus Scans and Security Analysis

Viruses, if left alone, have the tendency to multiply and may take an entire network down. The experts at NetComp are experienced in dealing with a variety of threats and can stop virus attacks in their tracks.

Disaster Prevention Plan Inspection

Most businesses have disaster prevention plans to counter any threats and from preventing them from compromising operations. If you are like most business owners, chances are that you have one in place as well. Of course, such precautionary measures must also be maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure that they work efficiently when the need arises. Our team can inspect your current plan, propose amendments where necessary and keep it in good working order.

Remote Access and VPN Services

Remote access allows you and your employees to operate your business’s IT infrastructure on the go. An IT audit from NetComp can empower your workforce for remote access and boost productivity tenfold.

Update Software

Even outdated software can prevent your employees from making a network work at its best potential. Our experts will ensure that all of your software is up to date.

Don’t know whether our services are for you? We offer FREE onsite network audits and consultations.

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