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Computer repairs and remote support in brisbane

What is Desktop Support

Desktop maintenance can ensure the integrity of your IT environment and detect problems before they become too complex to handle.

From remote desktop support to on-site technical repairs, NetComp offers a variety of services that are designed to process your IT assets. Our services are completely customisable. A desktop support engineer from NetComp can provide your business much needed IT capabilities through a host of related services. Our aim is to enhance your IT environments according to the preferences of your business and end users.

By providing services that acknowledge every aspect of your IT structure, we are equipped with everything you require to secure your valuable data. Some of the common IT issues we resolve include, but are not limited to –

Lagging Performance

Slow computers can compromise a business’s entire IT structure. From malware and spyware to applications; a desktop support analyst from NetComp will address any issues you have and propose solutions such as spyware to help resolve them.


Fragmented Files

Fragmented files can fill up your hard disks and take up your computer’s resources. Our experts will help you defragment your files in a structured manner and thereby allow them to load faster. Use our services once a month to ensure optimum IT performance.


Temporary Files

The files that you view are stored in temporary files so that they can be retrieved later if need be. However, they also tend to fill up your disk space if they are left to accumulate and slow down your systems as a result. Our crew will help you clean up your virtual spaces and improve desktop speed.


Troubleshoot Wireless Internet Connections

Businesses often rely on wireless internet connections in order to enable several devices and desktops to share a number of resources such as printers and internet connections. Glitches in access points can result in poor connections and cause problems throughout your IT operations.

Our troubleshooting services in Brisbane will help you deal with such issues before they become complex. From regular cleanings and defragmenting to maintenance, we at NetComp ensure that all your systems run at peak efficiencies at all times.


Dusty Hardware

Even dust around hardware components can affect computer operations or slow them down. Regular cleanings can prevent dust and debris from gathering in these components. However you need professional cleaning services to ensure that such sensitive parts are handled with care. We ensure that the parts that are located inside your hardware are free from dust the safe way.


Hardware Upgrade

Our skilled experts are experienced in handling a range of computer upgrades. Old hardware or outdated parts can slow your systems to a crawl. Our IT experts offer technical consultations as well as procure specific parts and install them for you.

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