Absolute Domestics

An overhaul of the internal mailing systems saved the business time and money by reducing the excessive network traffic caused by the many hosted email accounts.

The Situation

Absolute Domestics is a recruitment and referral agency that matches trustworthy and reliable cleaners to individuals, families or busy homes needing help with the household chores. They work hard to provide a smooth and efficient process for helping people find the right cleaner to suit their individual needs.

The Problem

As a large company with over 100 email mailboxes, an increase in email communication started to cause traffic congestion on the network. This was due to the fact that the Email service was hosted online and accessed via the IMAP protocol. Something needed to be done to reduce the bandwidth usage and improve email response time and deliverability.

The Solution

The Netcomp team conducted research and analysed the situation. Once it became apparent that the network issues were being caused by excessive email traffic, a plan was devised. Netcomp sourced and installed a Dell Server which acted as a Hypervisor for a number of virtual servers, including a Domain Controller to manage users, and an Microsoft Exchange 2016 Server to handle emails. As the server was hosted in-house, the internet bandwidth usage required for email related tasks was greatly reduced, as all email routing happened internally on the local network. The newfound ease of rule and mailbox configuration and management allowed staff members to more effectively collaborate on common projects, and improved the overall ease of communication.

The Benefits

Switching from IMAP to internal Exchange improved the organisational mail-flow and reduced the overall bandwidth usage, increasing the business’ productivity by eliminating a major IT obstacle.

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